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How important is it to change up your diet? Even if you follow a healthy meal plan, should you be eating something different every day? Now let’s be frank and admit that the same set of meals every day can get a little boring, regardless of how many nutritional benefits you are receiving. Studies have shown that having the same foods every day can often lead to overeating. This is partially caused by cravings for something besides the staple meal plan you’re accustomed to. Making a personal menu of different items for each day of the week assures that you get the maximum nutrients and provides a new taste in your mouth every so often.

By incorporating a variety of foods into your regular diet, you help to prevent health conditions such as metabolic syndrome. You may be getting plenty of Vitamin A or Vitamin C from a specific food such as oranges or carrots, but might not meet the required amount for your Vitamin B complex. Too much of anything can result in your body developing sensitivities to that food. On the flipside, going long periods of time without eating a specific food and then suddenly reintroducing it could cause a negative reaction as well. For example, those who remove gluten or dairy from their diet for several weeks or months can have severe reactions when they start adding it back in again.

Now, if you can still maintain a healthy diet with the same bowl of oatmeal, sandwich, or rice bowl every day and enjoy what you eat while maintaining your calorie budget, then keep it up! Although it doesn’t hurt once in a while to try something new and provide yourself with a greater array of nutrients. Moderation is the key. Keep everything balanced to be the healthiest you!

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