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Not all of us are morning people, so naturally, it only makes sense not to eat something early in the day. However, those that eat a quality breakfast after they wake up experience more health benefits compared to those who do not. After hours of resting, the body needs easily accessible calories and nutrients to properly refuel and be energized for the day ahead. Interestingly enough, people that skip breakfast in the morning tend to gain more weight than breakfast eaters. This could potentially lead to atherosclerosis, in which the blood vessels harden due to plaque buildup.

While eating breakfast is important, it is even more essential that you eat something equally balanced in carbs, fat, and protein. For example, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, eggs, granola, whole grain toast, or a protein smoothie are excellent options for a healthy, nutrient-rich breakfast. It’s best to skip out on the classic options of sugary cereals, Poptarts, doughnuts, and glazed pastries, as they are low in nutrients and high in calories and processed ingredients.

When you go about your regular activities on an empty stomach, you not only feel sluggish and tired, but also might become agitated and have a difficult time focusing. Plenty of protein in the morning will keep you full and provide you with stability until the next meal. Adequate carbs will fuel your brain and muscles, improving both your mood and energy levels. With everyone always on the move, whether it be going to work, going to class, running errands, or other busy tasks, eating a good breakfast allows us to focus better, perform better, be more productive, boost metabolism, and reduce stress. So even if you don’t like the sight of food in the morning, something light and simple can mean the difference between a great day and a bad day.

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