Six Tips for Exercise Motivation

1. Get an exercise buddy

This is my #1 because it worked the best for me. This form of motivation is GREAT for anyone just starting out. Try to find someone that has similar goals and is close to the same level as you. It’s a lot easier to sleep in instead of running when you aren’t meeting your buddy on the greenway at 7am. Long story short, you hold each other accountable.

2. Eat a healthy diet

It’s easier to have an all around healthy lifestyle than to pick and choose. I’ve never eaten a Big Mac and wanted to take a run after, well I’ve also never eaten a Big Mac because ew. You know what I mean though, if you eat to fuel your body then your body will love you and be able to do more while feeling great!

3. Set aside time for exercising

When planning your week or day set out a time this is SPECIFICALLY for running, weight lifting, zumba, biking, yoga, swimming, etc. if you have it in your calendar and you don’t schedule anything else for that hour then you have to go, even if it is just so you can check it off in your planner (Other people plan this much too, right?)

4. Put your clothes out the night before

It's one less excuse.

5. Make it a habit

It takes a lot of will power at first but once exercising becomes part of your daily schedule, you won’t even think about it when you but those tennis shoes on.

6. Get a dog

Huge commitment I know, but it works! (please watch the adorable video below, I balled) I am very biased about this one, My fiancé and I have the sweetest dog named Loki and he LOVES to run, walk, play, and sprint. I know I can’t just stare into those sad eyes as he sits by the door and decide to be lazy on the couch instead.

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