Let's Meal Plan!

Healthy AND on the run; Let’s meal plan!

First, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Caroline Smith, soon to be Caroline Sharrits. I’m a nutrition major at Appalachian State, I love being outside, I enjoy running when it isn’t snowing/freezing outside, and my favorites to hangout with are my fiancé (Spencer) and my 70lb pup (Loki). I’m also an intern for Hunter’s Heroes this year! If you want more info on the organization then you’re in the best place, their very own website! I suggest you check it out because it’s an awesome organization run by awesome people.

For the next eight weeks I’m going to pick some nutrition/running related topics to blog about. If there is something that you’re interested in and want me to research and write about it then post it in the comments and I’ll do a little research and write something up!


  • To Eat Healthy- If you plan out healthy meals then there is no excuse to go through that drive through or order that pizza because you have something healthy, energizing, and nutritious at home waiting for you!

  • To Save Money- Do you ever feel like you buy groceries and then half of them go bad before you get a chance to figure out a meal to put them in? I don’t know about you, but this happens to me all the time! An then I end up going to the grocery store and buying MORE food just so I can make up a meal.

  • To Save Time- This is the big one for me! If I get home at 5:30 from school then I want something fast because I’m hungry! Using one Sunday afternoon to plan and prep meals means that you aren’t in a rush to get home and make lunch or dinner during the week!


First, you have to pick out 5-7 dinners you want to eat that week (depending on how often you go out to eat). Try to include some similar ingredients between meals. Then I pick two or three types of breakfasts and rotate. For me, I prefer to eat leftovers for lunch but I also make a big salad and cut-up fruit to sub or add on if I want a little more. I also pick a snack to make or buy (granola bars, chips and salsa, etc.)

Here is a Meal Planning Board that you can make yourself!

Check it out here: http://sincerelysarad.com/easy-diy-chalkboard-weekly-menu-planner/

Second, after you have all your meals picked out then it’s time to make a grocery list and shop! Look at all the recipes and write down all the ingredients you need (if you chose recipes with similar ingredients then that should make this step a lot easier, and save you a little $$$) Then you go buy everything on the list, simple!

Last, but not least of course, you bring home those groceries and do whatever meal prep you want. This step can look very different for different people. Some people cook all their meals in one day and then store them! That route is definitely fit for extremely busy people but I just prefer to have the meal plan, cut up fruits and veggies and store them with whatever meals they will be used for, and prepare the homemade granola bars for the week.


For more info on meal planning check out these other cool blogs!




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