2. Snack Smart

Another easy way to make healthy choices is to choose healthier snacks in between meal times. Choosing the right snacks that are nutritious and satisfying will help you eat less at each meal and combat hunger throughout the day. Sugary and processed snacks from a vending machine may be easy and quick, but snacks made of refined sugars will only lead to more unhealthy decisions as the day goes on. The smart way to snack is to stick with fruits, vegetables, nuts, low-fat yogurt, and whole-grain carbohydrate sources.

Most people do want to eat healthier. The main struggle is the choice between taking time to prepare a nutritious snack and quickly buying something that is already prepared. There is a solution to that! Try to find time on the weekends, before bed, or early in the morning to prepare snacks for later. Packing fruit or storing nuts and granola bars in your office drawer will also help you make healthy choices much easier to manage. Surrounding yourself with smart snacks will help you make smart decisions.

Here is a useful resource that has several ideas for healthy snacking whether it is for the office, for the kids, or for parties and entertainment. Find what you like be prepared to make smart decisions throughout your week!


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