Active Vegetarians

For vegetarians, consuming enough protein or a balanced meal can be a little more challenging than for non-vegetarians. Fortunately, there are a few tips vegetarians should consider to make sure they are fueling their body properly.

First and foremost, vegetarians must think about their source of protein. Protein can be found in eggs, nuts, milk products, beans, quinoa, soy products, etc. Some of these proteins are complete proteins (eggs, quinoa) but some need to be combined with other foods in order to be complete proteins.

Vegetarians also must consider their sources of iron. These sources can be items like fortified breakfast cereals (look at the label), legumes, whole wheat breads, etc.

In addition, vitamin B12 is another component important for vegetarians to consider. You can find B12 in most meats. Some vegetarian options are soy products, eggs, cereals, and nutritional yeast.

Being aware of these needs can help vegetarians make sure they are feeding their bodies properly. If these food items are being incorporated, vegetarians will be ahead of the game in keeping up with what the body needs.

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