Adding Whole Grains to Your Diet.

We all have heard that whole grains are healthier than refined grains. If you’re like me, I grew up eating white bread! But studies have shown that people who eat whole grains have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. So how do you change from white bread and pasta to whole grain? Easy.

1. Try to make half of your grains whole grains. Make brown rice instead of white. Or whole wheat bread instead of white bread!

2. Did you know that popcorn is in fact a whole grain? Don't be afraid to have popcorn as a snack!

3. Change your favorite dishes with whole grain options instead! You can make brown rice and black beans or sautéed vegetables with whole grain pasta.

Whole grains are wonderful for you because they contain components that are usually stripped from refined, processed grains. Refined grains tend to remove the bran and the germ, which helps them to have a longer shelf life. Unfortunately, by removing these components, the fiber, iron, and some B vitamins are also removed. Although white bread and white rice are enriched with iron and vitamins, fiber is not added after processing. This is why whole grains are part of a healthy balanced meal.

Feel good about what you eat! Eat whole grains!

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