Protein. Protein. Protein

There is so much controversy everywhere about what to eat, what not to eat, how to cook the food, etc. You may have read about how you should increase your protein intake, and then read how protein is bad for you on the next social media post. Let’s talk about how to fuel your body the proper way.

Protein. It is very important for active people to consume the right amount of protein. Whether you’re vegetarian or a meat lover, when it comes to being physically active, protein is an important component of your diet. The key is the type of meat. Try to stick with a leaner meat that is lower in fat. Too much fat in your meat will increase your chances of developing certain diseases and piling on those pounds. Good lean meats include fish, chicken, turkey, or even 96% lean ground beef!

Seasoning. No one likes to eat plain food. So let’s be smart about it! Too much oil in frying or sauteing will increase the total fat and calories we are trying to keep low. Add individual teaspoons of oil at a time. Try adding things like lemon or lime juice to spice it up. Another tip, sprinkle some herbs and low-sodium salt to help you stay away from the temptation of oils.

Also, don't forget to add in greens to go with that protein!

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