Healthy Snacking Tips for Runners

Snacking is so great… so satisfying… But why do I always go for a brownie over an apple? Why can’t I choose to eat carrots or yogurt instead of a cupcake with yummy buttercream icing? It’s simple, I am craving the sugar.

Have you ever felt fatigued and shaky after a workout or felt like you might pass out? It’s probably because you haven’t had anything to eat since. Many athletes and runners fuel up prior to exercising and forget to do so afterwards or decide to indulge in sugary snacks. It is important to understand the difference between nutritious snack and a snack that does nothing for you. When you exercise your blood sugar drops very low causing you to feel hungry and fatigued after a good workout. Eating sugary foods instead of fresh fruits and vegetables or whole grains can cause a serious sugar overload, which leads to your blood sugar going through the roof! After this happens, many people feel more exhausted and have less energy because their body is constantly going through a state of high and low blood sugar.

So here’s my tip: an hour before a workout try eating something light like a banana and some water. After a workout, try eating peanut butter crackers, an apple or a granola bar. These items are sweet and nutritious, not to mention they won’t give you a tired feeling later on!



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